We believe Sastras, God And life after death (Punarjanma Theory), and the creation of the world. etc… They may worship their own liking God or Gods in whatever form they wish., But when it comes to Rituals everybody will follow the same.. like Tarpanas, Pinda Pradanam, Sandya Vandanam, Yagas, and Danas. Out of all Danas Vastra Danam has its own importance. Maybe it is a Good occasion or Bad occasion defenetly we do Vastra Danam. In fact Last day of Sutakam, (11th Day) After Punyaha vachanam. All relatives and well wishers will do Vastra Danam to Karta. It is called “Aadarimpu Battalu” (ఆదరింపు బట్టలు) in Telugu.

  • Note: For Vastradanam Kaimkaryam Extra 1,000/- INR (Rs 11, 000/- + 1,000/-)